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Friday, May 15th, 2009
8:56 pm
bank holiday north down jaunt

don't if anyone fancies it but I'm planning a gentle jaunt out on to the downs this next bank holiday monday (25th). There will unfortunately also be some up, but I'm aiming for a lazy pace with looking at views and stopping at pubs. Probably about 35 - 40 miles all in.

anyway if you fancy it I'll be heading off from the 7 Stars in Footscray (Sidcup) at 11, if the weathers shit I'll cycle to the white cross and hide for a few hours and claim I've been for a ride.

If you're on facebook details are here:
Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
9:27 am
London Freewheel ~ Have you registered?
Sunday 21st September 2008

London Freewheel is happening again this year and promises to be even bigger and better than last years (and better organised too).

Make sure you register at www.londonfreewheel.com/default.asp
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
2:19 pm
Jason MacIntyre
aged just 34

~ AND ~

Jason died following a collision during training. This is a very sad loss to our world.

Messages on his Blog http://hotscot.typepad.com/jason_macintyre/2008/01/decembers-train.html#comments

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
12:45 pm
My 28 Days Later Challenge ~ what's yours?
Ride 28 Miles a Day for 28 Days Consecutively
28 Days Later : I will have ridden 784 miles
Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
1:25 pm
Freewheel : the aftermath
Apparently ppl have been sending their photos into the Freewheel site, so keep an eye on this to see if you can see yourself or see what you missed:

Monday, September 24th, 2007
11:01 am
Seeing as arachne has put her summary up here...
30,000 expected, 38,000 subscribed, 42,000 committed…. 50,000+ actually show up

What is this? London Freewheel figures from yesterday.

The LedRideCollapse )

The HubCollapse )

The Circular RouteCollapse )

The Freewheel FestivalCollapse )

The Ride Back to Peckham Rye ParkCollapse )

The Ride HomeCollapse )

Summing Up the DayCollapse )

If you didn’t join in this year, make sure you do next year as I think Year2 will be much bigger and much better.

Roll on next years event.
Sunday, September 23rd, 2007
5:10 pm
hovis freewheel
Or slow wheel as I now think of it.

I shall restrain my comments to merely that I had more fun and felt safer cycling home along the A2/A20 than I had on the guided ride in or on the closed off roads.
Friday, September 14th, 2007
3:55 pm
'Tour of Britain' on TV
The final stage of the 'Tour of Britain' will be shown this Sunday on BBC2 at 12:30pm. Highlights from the whole Tour will be on Eurosport at 6:00pm, repeated on Tuesday 18th (11pm to midnight) and Thursday 20th (4:30pm to 5:30pm).
Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
11:36 am
Oct 12th-14th : Earls Court Cycle Show
I have just booked a couple of tickets to the Earls Court Cycle Show 2007 (Saturday tickets). If you book in advance it only costs £10.50 instead of the door price of £13.50 per ticket. Also booking online enters you into a Prize Draw that could see you winning one of two Specialized bikes worth £1,999.00 each.

Go book yourself a ticket or two, it should be a real fun day out with some FREESTUFF being handed out :)
Friday, September 7th, 2007
2:19 pm
Tour of Britain & London Freewheel +
Anyone else going to see the Tour of Britain time trials at Crystal Palace Park this Sunday? Should be a great day out for us cyclists, lots of things to see and do, plus lots of FREE STUFF. Full details on their website here... Pepsi and I will be there for sure :)

Also I know it's been mentioned here before, but London Freewheel anyone? We are definately going and will be cycling up from Kent, through SE London, then on to the main route. Anyone else joining in?

PLUS: What do we think of a Goth version of Critical Mass at some point? (stop laughing at the back)
Thursday, June 28th, 2007
7:28 pm
Car free London
Just to make a cycling related post, I've already put my name down to take part in the London Freewheel event:

Anyone fancing joining me and perhaps making a bit of a goth contingent? Or just meting up at some point?
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
5:57 pm
I was about to create a community called this then found out I'd been beaten!

I went on my first ride in 15 years on sunday and notched up about 13 miles *lol* Now I'm hooked and want to meet up and ride with people in London!

*pokes this community* Need to get this working!! :D

Current Mood: excited
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